Honoring the old traditions of the game.

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History of Del Val Jr. Lacrosse

Coach Brent Kephart was the catalyst of the Delaware Valley Chargers lacrosse team. The beginnings of this organization were carefully planned by a host of wonderful people. Each brought something special, but Brent brought many of the principals and ideals that we use as our guide. Below is the 'history' section of the Chargers. As you will see we are truly an organization that is here for the right reasons.

Del Val Jr. Lacrosse- It's all about you!

Del Val Jr. Lacrosse was founded on the principle of being a "different" type of organization. Different in that fun was the most important objective. Different in that the organization would find a way to take an expensive sport and make it accessible to virtually anyone in the community. Different in that the parents were going to have as much fun as the children. Different in that Del Val Jr. Lacrosse would be a truly regional program which would eventually make it possible for children to play on the same team from 2nd grade through 12th grade. Del Val Jr. Lacrosse was founded on hard work, courage, and dedication.

While having a distinctive vision is a start. It is a long way from finding enough interested children willing to take a chance on a "new" sport, putting those children in over $250 worth of equipment, forming a club, building a parent organization, etc. etc. etc. But we did it!

The road clearly was not easy. We had to find fields. We had to find coaches. We had to find people willing to step up and get the organization off the ground. We had to trust that what we were doing was right . . . The key to our success has been- YOU! Parents, Coaches, Players, and Members of the community have all stepped up to try to do their part . . . not because it served their interests . . . but because they saw a need and filled it. Coaches spending their own money on supplies, awards, etc., to say nothing of the 10-15 hours that they spend weekly, sharing their gift. Parents, who never saw the game, pitching in with fund raising, field lay out, concessions, running the club, etc. Players . . . the players "walked on the moon." Think of the courage it took for these children to stand up and say that they wanted to play a sport that none of them had played, and few had even seen! How "uncool" was it to break the norm . . .? But they took the chance . . .!

What about the future? Where will we be? In large that question is up to you. While the spirit and volunteerism has never dwindled, it is important to understand that the same 10-15 people that made us successful in 2001 can not keep an organization of over 200 children afloat. We need everyone to recognize the value of what we are creating, the lessons that we are teaching your children, and the positive memories that they will hopefully have for the rest of their lives. In order to keep this going, each one of us, has to step up and contribute. 200 hands certainly make the load that much lighter! We all have our roles- Parents; we need your support- financial, time, energy, etc. Coaches- we count on you to teach the sport "right" and make it fun for our children. Players- we count on you to have fun, learn this great sport, and leave our program being better young men and women. We all have a role.

The point is that Del Val Jr. Lacrosse is about all of us. We all own it. We all create what it will eventually become. The key question is- what are we all willing to give to create our vision? Lets Have Fun! Try Hard! Help Each Other! And become a Different type of organization!

Honor the Game!

Brent Kephart, Founder and Coach

For more information about the history of lacrosse, see the book, Lacrosse - The Ancient Game: